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Chinese dragon
Rama Rao Malladi: Dragon On Fire 1 1 Comment Count
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: The Post-Abortive-Coup 3 3 Comment Count
October Sky, Good Harbor Beach MA
Richard Turcotte: Left v. Right Pt 8 2 2 Comment Count
Donald Trump
Bob Griffiths: Trump: No Friend to Veterans 5 5 Comment Count
Police Brutality Protest - Anaheim - July 29 2012 - 47
Rick Staggenborg, MD: The war comes home in Dallas 9 9 Comment Count
The Presidency of George W. Bush and the Iraq War
Lance Ciepiela: An American Chilcot Report 21 21 Comment Count
JanStephen Cavanaugh: The Global War on Terror May Never End 2 2 Comment Count
Washington Crossing the Delaware
Edward Campbell: Join The American Revolution 6 6 Comment Count

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