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Daniel Espinosa Winder: Debunking "El Comercio" on Syria 1 1 Comment Count
George Geysen: Our Shadow and Our Scars 1 1 Comment Count
From goldismoney2.com/threads/%E2%80%9Cit-was-never-a-revolution-nor-a-civil-war-the-terrorists-are-sent-by-your-governm
Mark Taliano: We Are Criminal Warmongers 11 11 Comment Count
2016 Presidential Election
Bob Passi: Trump-Bashing
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: Increase Minimum Wage
Craig K. Comstock: The Resentment Factor
Network - Mad as Hell Scene From the motion picture Network (1976)
Craig K. Comstock: TV Madness 1 1 Comment Count
The Reasonable Voice
Marcello Rollando: 'What the Hell do we have to lose?' 15 15 Comment Count
U.S. Navy Secretary of the Navy, Paul Nitze, and  Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral David McDonald, 1964.
Paul Fitzgerald Elizabeth Gould: Part III--Psychological Warfare and the American Mind 9 9 Comment Count

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