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With multifaceted and resourcefully energetic creativity still in tact, still flamboyant and fully thriving, the physical constraints accrued across time have progressively altered the mode of expression through which the energies of the Creative Stream can then be usefully applied. This is often further modified by whatever technology happens to come my way. I am otherwise "retired" with a small disability pension, no debt, and a precious one acre goat farm. I live at the base of a wondrously stark, "bare bones" outer ridge of a high desert mountain range, set between some toes, at a foot of the Rockies. I am also a concerned grandma and citizen still standing up for the causes of independence as qualified by harmlessness and fortified through mutual and sustainable empowerment; standing up for Peace that makes war obsolete.

I am an advocate for Transparency and Accountability in life as well as in government, and beginning here and now with our crucial need for applying accountability to all members of the Bush admin. who took part in, initiated, facilitated or otherwise committed high crimes and misdemeanors-- unlawful and/or unconstitutional acts while holding government offices and positions. Accountability, and transparency are mutually essential to each other, and crucially so and prerequisite to establishing, empowering and sustaining the Rule of Law and Equal Justice both now, and to our future, This, in turn, is essential and prerequisite to sustaining independence and a decent quality of life for the Earth and for all living things. It is for the life of THESE that there must be a dilligent pursuit of full investigations and related prosecutions that aptly apply Equal Justice while serving well our need for ferreting out all that needs to be found and corrected if we are to regain, restore, and sustain with integrity, "in perpetuity", the US Constitution with all of its Rights, checks and balances and guarantees in tact.

--Accountability, Transparency, Equal Justice
These, I believe, rank among THE Greatest Most URGENT Needs if we are to Restore, Preserve, Protect & Sustain Well Being Itself, and begin to restore and empower the Good of anything else.

(We may, though, need to make oil obsolete first, before we can gain access to the full recourse necessary for EQUAL JUSTICE to be fully accessible to us, before it can be fully and duly applied and with the truth well recorded.)

I am probably best known, though, for laughter, for laughing out loud in any time or place, so have often been asked, "Why are you always smiling/laughing?"
Well..., life and energy flow tend to work and feel best when centered above the diaphragm, the heart of Joy, Being Joy and beaming Joy spontaneously about. I speak Cartoonish fluently, no matter how dark a point in time may seem, so it comes natural for the cartoon version to slip out, even almost before I know it. Some of the most serious of subjects have been turned inside out or side-down-up irreverently, thus playing out the cartoon version and sparking unplanned, often taboo-busting laughter.

From babyhood, I taught my children, while we still had TV to provide live example, to change their own channels -snap-, "like that". They would come running up then to Mah, with an owee, frustration, anger, or any other sticky upset and announce, "change the channel" waiting for a turned nose, complete with noisy knob turning sound effects played as their own ritual of changing the channel, "Change that noise its got on over now into what then? to find -something funny? -you have a channel with cartoons on in there that we could find?" The face posing its nose-up for a knob held suggestively forward. OK, here goes, lets see what cartoon we can find"... (>>sound effects of garbled bits of voices in stuccatto static while passing by other channels<<, also the ^^wratcheting^^ knob-sound, turning, then, There it is!, or, There's the cartoon one! and at least 95% of the time the bummer would instantly be released and we'd be laughing at the cartoon of it. They knew then, that laughter was best.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 (9 comments)      Share on Google Plus Submit to Twitter Add this Page to Facebook! Share on LinkedIn Pin It! Add this Page to Fark! Submit to Reddit Submit to Stumble Upon
THE TIME HAS COME with Only a Small Window Left Open As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed. In the closed door session of Congress held in March, the "FACT" that arrangements were already set and in process for the application of martial law and "REX 84" was announced as a done deal, fait accomplis. Legislators were told that they would be "kept safe" while "dissidents" are being rounded up.